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itsaboutgin's Journal

The Iris Wildthyme and Panda Community
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The Iris Wildthyme Community

Time and Space. Good and Evil. Gin and Tonic.

Welcome to itsaboutgin, the community to transtemporal adventuress, Iris Wildthyme. She appears in numerous PDAs and EDAs alongside several Doctors. Iris also features as companion to the Sixth Doctor in 'The Wormery' and is an adventurer in her own right in the Iris Wildthyme series produced bu Big Finish Productions. We welcome anyone who has loved Iris from the very beginning to those who are discovering her for the first time. So come aboard the bus, and don't mind Panda, he's always a bit temperamental.
We Welcome
- Any discussion involving the character Iris Wildthyme, Panda and/or Tom, and the Big Finish plays they are associated with.
- Fanfic, fanart etc. The more the better!
- note: long entries behind a cut, please! (ie more than 3 icons, more than 100 words)
- Audio discussion behind a cut, too. Not everyone will have listened to all the plays.

Unsure? Contact the Mods
We Do Not Welcome
- trolling
- flaming
- general behaviour in an aggrevatory fashion.
- Character bashing, pairing bashing, audio bashing (though criticism in a well thought out manner is welcome), New Who bashing, Old Who bashing... you get the drift.
- anything solely featuring Katy Manning's other (and more well-known) Doctor Who character, Jo Grant. There's other places much more suitable for that. Iris meets Jo fic, however...

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